Headstand 01, “Nobody is like everybody else”

 – The Red Square, Moscow, Russia 2009



Headstand 1 - The Red Square in Moscow. Photo: Ingar Hunskaar

Headstand 1 – The Red Square in Moscow. Photo: Ingar Hunskaar

 Letter to Jurij Luzjkov, the mayor of Moscow

I made my first headstand at the Red Square as a support to the 40 gay activists who were arrested in Moscow during the Eurovision songcontest 2009 (source: ANB-NTB). The mayor of Moscow, Jurij Luzjkov, and the russian court of law, rejected a formal application from the gay activists, and they were denied marching in peace for gay rights. The rejection was based upon the fact that the demonstration could lead to violent protests.

Mr Luzjkov and the court of law: it is not the activists marching in peace for gay rights you should arrest, it is the violent protesters.

This action and arrestations goes against the HR declaration, article 1. The headstand symbolizes that nobody is like everybody else and that all humans have the right to be who they truly are. All human beings means All human beings, including people with a gay sexual preference marching in peace for their right to be free and equal in dignity and rights. Love is beautiful, hate and discrimination is not.

The picture and the text is available at the Headstand blog: www.headstanding.wordpress.com

Best wishes,

Lisa Dillan …¤…


2 Responses to “Headstand 01, “Nobody is like everybody else””

  1. headstanding Says:

    Good news!

    10 LGBT activists was finally, after years and years with arrestations, voilence and killing, allowed to hold a peaceful protest in Moscow. And the Mayor Jurij Luzjkov is fired due to corruption…Robin Hood rules.

    Congratulations to Russia and especially the LGBT activists in Moscow!

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