About the Headstand

– a  performance project by Lisa Dillan

HOVEDBILDE HEADSTANDING  Musikkhøyskolen 25.09.09 259a


Welcome to the Headstand!

You will find each Headstand presented with pictures and texts in the “Headstand archive” on the top of the menu bar to the right.

These people and happenings have been headstanded so far, in order of appearance:

  1. The mayor of Moscow, Jurij Luzjkov
  2. The leader of the Frp party, Siv Jensen
  3. The royal wedding, Sweden
  4. Fritt Ord and Harald Eia (in norwegian)
  5. The Norwegian Asylum politics and the  Police (in norwegian)
  6. Harald Eia and Co
  7. The Israeli Occupation
  8. The Kapittel Festival 2013
  9. Prior and Ultra
  10. Statens Vegvesen – Stopp og sov

 Human Rights Declaration, Article 1:

 “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood”.


Equal rights – for whom?

The Human Rights declaration was written in 1946. The UN today  is based upon this sentence. It is also the core of our main religious practices from Islam to Christianity and Buddhism, where tolerance, truth, respect and love is spoken.

It is a common understanding, and therefore a sentence I find worth thinking about, problematize and discussing. How do we all, if at all, enhance the wisdom that lies beneath this vision?

What is power?  How do our leaders relate to the Human Rights principles? Who are our true leaders, is it the prime minister or is it our celebrities?

Is it the priest or is it the capitalistic system aiming to get richer, stronger and more powerful what ever the cost might be for the significant “others”?

Is it a structure or is it a personal action, or perhaps both? Is it ignorance where you should have spoken?

With power, there follows great responsibility.

“Equal rights for whom” is a question that is applicable to disagreements in our everyday life, but also the core of the main conflicts in a global context. Who owns the earth-kind-of.


What the headstand symbolizes:

The headstand project is a personal, independent action dedicated to different topics, persons and locations that I find interesting or provocative due to the Human Rights article nr 1.

A headstand is a vulnerable position. It is an opposite, non threatening but powerful position. I find this position suitable to demonstrate that I disagree, and that I want change.


You will find each new headstand and text presented in  the “Headstand Archive” – the small, orange menu on the top of the right side.

Get back to this page by holding the mouse on the big, orange headline on the top and click.

Obs! Comments that are racistic, homophobic, sexsistic or contains harassements towards any of the headstanded persons or causes, or towards any user of the blog, will be deleted imediately by the admin.

Best wishes,

Lisa  Dillan,  Oslo, September 2009


Picture: Lisa Dillan “Headstand”, photo by Line Halvorsen

[1] Quote by the Norwegian magazine “Blikk”

21 Responses to “About the Headstand”

  1. Anna Westberg Says:

    go go go! världen är uppochner på somliga platser. humanhood for all!
    KRAM / anna westberg

  2. headstanding Says:

    Thank you for visiting the headstand, engagement and support, Anna!
    Humanhood for all :)

    Lisa …¤…

  3. Awesome blog!

    I thought about starting my own blog too but I’m just too lazy so, I guess Ill just have to keep checking yours out.

  4. headstanding Says:

    Thanks Savannah, you are most welcome of course! – And participate if you want – join in join in! :)

    All the best

  5. Jacob Richardson Says:

    Well this is pretty interesting! I want to find out if headstanding has any health benifits so I clicked onto your site. I applaude you for your efforts. I may even decide to do some headstanding not just for the benifit of my health but for the benifit of all humans beings. Thanks for sharing your concern for us all! Where can I find some of your music?

    • headstanding Says:

      Dear Jacob, thank you for your comment – and yes absolutley – do headstandings for all humans !! Let me know if you do so? would be cool to put a link to it here :)

      Music – most welcome and thanks for your interest – here: http://www.myspace.com/lisadillan – new release soon and new songs will be downloaded within short time. But you go! headstand all the things that breaks with the princip equal rights!

      all the best Lisa

  6. Hello Lisa

    I’m a great fan of this – and you ;-)


  7. loveandonion Says:

    I*ll stand solidarity with u if u allow…;-)

    best regards

  8. Yvonne Says:

    Nice!! I cant head stand to save my life but i will look for other ways to support human right for all….i like your statement “Equal rights – for whom? All human beings means all human beings”…..so maybe I will even learn how to head stand!!! :-)

  9. i only read ; crazy person with attention needs does weird things while protesting

  10. I don’t agree with you on the “Harald Eia” issue, but i think your method of protest is unique and hilarious.

    Keep it up!

  11. andreassokerkjaereste Says:

    Stå på!

  12. Why so one-sided? Why not target leftists too? If not you may be mistaken for just another far-left readical.

    Or is your political perspective just black and white?

  13. kari island Says:

    Well,why not? :-) Original way of expression-most welcome.

  14. Hei Kimma. Hvis du kjenner du blir provosert eller sint på bakgrunn av noe eller andre har gjort, så vær så god. Men dette må være noe man kan.. Eget fag. En må tilnærme seg denne personen som venn, og så formidle på en saklig, gjerne frekk eller kvass måte, så kan hende du blir svart. Send vedkommende mail, eller vær spørrende. Dette ble for dumt. Ingen tar deg seriøst. .. Hore??? hvor tar du det fra? usaklig.

    Og du Lisa… tror ikke du og jeg ville kommet godt ut av det på en fest nei.. dette ble litt vel for mye for meg… IKKE ENIG i at du sto på henda foran Eia. MEn for all del, tøft at du har et prosjekt og et standpunkt.. stå på.. nei.. hands on

  15. ytringsfrihet gjelder også når den ikke er politisk korrekt.

  16. Kristian L. Says:

    Blir litt lei meg, for at jeg åpenbart har så mye fritidsproblemer at jeg sjekker denne pinlige siden. Headstand viser alt annet enn respekt for uenighet i en sak. Blitt ikke provosert, bare beklagelig at noen ikke kan bruke tiden på noe mer fornuftig.

  17. Synd at du ødelegger en så fin måte å protestere på med å gjøre det foran Eia:/. Fra noe så nobelt som å ta et standpunkt i forhold til grusomme handlinger i Russland til å angripe Eia som ærlig talt ikke fortjener det.
    og når jeg sier ikke fortjener det er med at du begynte med å Headstande for menneskerettigheter til å bare provosere Harald eia med et slitent og tynt grunnlag.
    Men ikke ta det som kritikk, beundrer dine andre protester :)
    Bare gjørdet klarere hva du protesterer mot og hvoror!

  18. Uffda, når du får det litt på avstand ser du nok at Hjernevask var det beste som kunne skje norsk ikke-forskning på kulturfag på Blindern.

    Hilsen miljøfysikk master.

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